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Honda Financial - Double payment 2 of 2 people found it helpful
According to local dealer where I purchased my car the checked was released by honda financial. They said I should follow up this to honda financial?!?! I tried calling many times but failed to talked to customer service. I was once spoke to "Bick" but she never call me back. According to my local dealer the reference # are The reference number for the 2400.00 service refund is 0054412355 and the reference number for the 1250.00 maintinance...
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This is the first time i used other that a place i could easily call or walk into, never again. i sent a $5000 check 5 days ago and it does not show on my on line account. i can not get anyone on the phone, i can not go see them etc. Advice use a CU or a bank. i planned on paying the loan off early. i bought a Honda pilot touring. it is a great SUV with lots a safety items for older drivers. i you are looking for a new car Honda pilot touring is one you should drive. do not use Honda Financial...
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  • No phone service
Not only is this gross negligence on behalf of Honda Financial Services, but it borders on illegalities, or the charging of customers without authority to do so. At the very least, we deserve to get our money back and recouped fees for any overdrafts that the improper withdrawl would've caused. We deserve a remedy of some sort and "working to fix the issue" and "we know we have a problem" doesn't cut it. If you can take it out of our account in...
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Honda Finance took double payment this month again and I am over drawn on my bank account. I called them, but it keep hang up on or can not reach customer service. I am not sure what else to do, but maybe file complain with BBB. It seems number of people has same problem. Is there way to make them correct this problem. I can have them take two payment whenever they can. Please provide some suggestions. Honda is good car, but there customer...
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